Tik Tok vs YouTube? Which one is better for digital marketing?

Tik Tok vs YouTube? Which one is better for digital marketing

Tik Tok vs YouTube is going on for not a long time but it becomes one of the biggest issues in INDIA nowadays. Because both sides user is saying that their platform is better than the other one.

First of all, we have to find out about both platforms. After that, we can judge the platforms and we can make a decision about which platforms are better from the other one.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a platform where people can share videos and stream videos online. There is an offline mode that is also available in it but it’s up to the person who has uploaded it.

The person has rights available to make it downloadable or not by the users. Youtube founded in the year 2005 in America and it becomes one of the biggest social platforms nowadays. People used to spend so much time on it. You can upload the videos on youtube.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a social platform where people can share their videos on it. Tik Tok becomes one of the biggest platforms nowadays. People are spending so much time on it.

They really enjoy spending time on it. They can upload videos with dancing, with lipsync and many more. TikTok earlier was musically but in Aug 2018 it has sold out and it is a china’s product.

Which one is better between them for digital marketing?

As a digital marketing company, I have seen the details of them. After that, I want to share some points on both platforms so a person can judge which one is better than which one.


You can upload the video on it and it can belong as much as you were looking for. In youtube platforms, people can like and dislike at the same time on the video.

If a person is visiting at the youtube and the person has to find out the video the person needs to search in the search box. People used to find out the solution to it and they get from here. Students come to find out to solve their queries and they do it with the help of youtube.

A person can make new food items with the help of YouTube because multiple types of channels with multiple types of making tips are available on it. Movies are also available people can see the movies and they can enjoy it very easily and comfortably.


You can upload the video on it from 15 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute not more than one minute. You can like the video or you can comment on it.

If you open your account then videos will come in for you or the following section. you don’t need to search the videos automatically videos will come and entertain you. Every 15 seconds can change your mood instantly.

Multiple types of videos will come lipsync videos, comedy videos, dance videos, story videos that also comes in multiple parts. Through those videos, people get to entertain and they can spend time happily.

Note: As a digital marketing company every social platform whether the platforms is small or big. We have to follow all because we have to know about trending things so we can help our clients and customer. With the help of it, they can increase the business and services very well. That what a digital agency helps to increase the business.





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